Welcome to MarcelloDB's Documentation pages.

MarcelloDB is an open-source embedded NoSql object-database for Xamarin and UWP (Windows Universal) apps.

MarcelloDB saves entire C# object graphs, including child objects like lists and dictionaries.

It's a native C# implementation, focussed on being light-weight and developer-friendly.

MarcelloDB's core is a portable class library for Xamarin (iOS and Android), Windows(Phone) 8.1 and Windows 10.

New to MarcelloDB?

Read the Quickstart Guide to get up to speed quickly.

A lot of thought went into the API design, we hope you'll like it.

If you have any questions, thoughts or remarks. Please open an issue on github.

Current Version:

Current version is 1.0.5 Although it's the first version, the community has been testing beta versions since october 2015. It is allready really stable. This version is backwards compatible with 0.6.

Need Support?

If you want a direct support line to the developers behind this project, a Pro/Support package is available. Please contact mark.meeus@gmail.com for details.

This package will also include MarcelloDB.Encryption.